Beverly Hills Extortion Defense Lawyers

The exact circumstances of extortion cases can vary greatly, but they are all united by the common theme that underlies extortion charges – the alleged use of coercion and threats to obtain money, property or other items of value. Unfortunately, it is all too common for law enforcement officials to view simple negotiations and straightforward conversations as extortion attempts. Without the involvement of a skilled defense attorney, these situations can quickly spiral out of control and lead to extensive prison time, huge fines and irreparable damage to your reputation.

The skilled trial lawyers at Kaplan Marino use their more than 45 combined years of experience to defend those accused of extortion and other white collar crimes in California and throughout the United States. We focus our entire practice in the field of criminal defense. Our partners have never been a part of any prosecutorial agency, and have devoted their entire careers to fighting for those who are the target of government investigations or are formally charged with serious criminal offenses.

Forms Of Extortion

Some of the most common types of conduct that lead to extortion charges include:

  • Blackmail, such as threatening to release sensitive, personal information unless an exorbitant fee is paid
  • Attempting to get a victim of a crime not to testify against someone by threatening to expose a personal secret
  • Fabricating a story that criminal conduct has occurred, and then offering to drop charges in exchange for payment

These and other acts can lead to not only extortion charges, but also related charges such as conspiracy to commit extortion, bribery, conspiracy to receive a bribe and obstruction of justice.

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