City Attorney And District Attorney Hearings

Have you been charged with a crime? Not all criminal cases proceed to court. Many cases are handled outside of court. Some of those are handled at office hearings — including city attorney hearings and district attorney hearings.

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Representing You At California Office Hearings

  • City attorney hearing: A city attorney hearing is sometimes held as an alternative to courtroom prosecution for misdemeanor crimes. Typically, the city attorney hearing involves only a hearing officer, individual accused of a crime, and the accused’s attorney (if he or she has an attorney).
  • District attorney hearing: A district attorney hearing is sometimes held prior to the filing of formal charges. Our attorneys can represent you during your district attorney hearing.

Richard Kaplan and Nina Marino have represented hundreds of people at office hearings. These hearings are held prior to the filing of formal charges and are opportunities for us to resolve allegations without ever going to court or having any charges filed. In these matters, we regularly avoid criminal charges and have the arrest removed from our clients’ records.

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Representative cases

Our client was arrested outside his ex-girlfriend’s apartment after her neighbors contacted the police. The allegations included stalking and peeping. Our attorney contacted the investigating officer and district attorney shortly after the arrest. No charges were filed after a hearing with the Office of the District Attorney.

Our client was arrested after he was called to his son’s apartment due to a domestic dispute. While speaking with his daughter-in-law, the police arrived. Officers told him to leave, but the daughter-in-law wanted him to stay. Our client refused to leave. Our client was forcibly removed and an officer was injured. Our client was arrested for resisting arrest and disobeying a police officer. Our attorney contacted the city attorney in charge of filing cases. No charges were filed after a hearing with the Office of the City Attorney.

Our client arrived at a business associate’s office to discuss a past-due debt. A heated argument ensued. It was alleged that our client threatened the associate, and then tried to run him down with his car. No charges were filed after an office hearing.

Our client, a doctor, was racing to catch an airplane. As he went through security, a loaded handgun was found by the TSA screeners. Our attorney made early contact with law enforcement and the Office of the District Attorney. No charges were filed after the hearing.